Roulette –

Finally we come to publish a system that so many had expected. Frankly, we had to try to understand how to use both online and especially how to handle the case because plays a key role in the system.

The system comes from the method that is doing roulette win many fans who follow our site, or my system to earn $ 100 a day.

MODIFICATION OF 10/11/2009 – Using The Big Match with the system of 100 euros per day (found by clicking here). We achieved the maximum stability of the system using them together. Every 10 wins with a sequence of system 100 euros if they play 5 at the Big Match.

That system has its limits though running, or having to continually update it in light of the fact that casinos “rowing a little against us” by creating algorithms that vary and some adaptive method of betting.

We cheated a little problem … how? I’ll explain …

We say that the new system as well as the new works on the principle of making mistakes, tips and help at least a combination of red / black.

As you can guess the next 8 colors? Not at all .. but need a method to make it even more complex and unpredictable in order to bring the combination and statistics to have an advantage for the system compared to roulette.

The system is currently winning on a certain type of casino and we continue to always play on that.

As we added the variable that we need? By collision with another casino casino .. Why the system Big Match

Two algorithms compared. For us to lose should generate the same color scheme .. but no one knows about the other.

Try now to open the casino on which the system operates by clicking here, rest assured, you play in Free Mode.

Now open the casino opponent clicking here, is another roulette free.

Now you turn the first wheel 10 times, it starts to play.

Make turn the roulette opponent. (unfortunately it is a bit slow, but bear with me) begins the Big Match

Start at this point to bet roulette Sula first color that comes on the second roulette.

If you win, continue on the next keeping the minimum bet, if you can defeat a classical martingale doubling each time the bet.

After 50 pieces and start again as early losers outputs.

I usually stop at the 7-point loser to have found a lower but we are finding out another cash management and betting for a more consistent performance with less risk exposure.

In case of unfortunate sequence close everything and start over, you realize that however the case will be profitable in the long run.

The system will be updated frequently to make it running in case of changes of various algorithms.

Winning at roulette online is not easy but with the system Big Match eesere think we managed to make a big step forward.

As always expect your systems and suggestions for improving those already present and still to date have enabled us to win some money at roulette online.