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My system to earn $ 100 a day online

Presently I am publishing the work of 2 years of study and online games .. seemed right to share positive experiences and relying heavily on the contribution of people like us have invested time and money and now it available to everyone.

That which you want to talk about today is the method by which nearly a month with a successful win consistently roulette online.

The method is based on a principle that is .. .. I try to reverse a wrong combination to win.

Play a sequence of 8 predefined colors knowing that it is unlikely that it can .. or better .. there is a statistic that comes towards me ..

I try to explain the system so simple …

We have 5 combinations / sequences of colors to play .. the sequences are:

RRNRNNRN – RNRRNNRN – RNRNNNRR – RRRNRNRR – RNNRNNNR be played in succession .. or .. you start with the first sequence and every win is passed to the next sequence  ..

As you begin:

We turn the wheel for 10 laps, the first black meeting starts to play .. if we win we move to the next sequence would otherwise double the bet and continue playing the current sequence.

Obviously if we won with the release of Red invert the colors to play in the next sequence .. for example the 2nd sequence becomes NRNNRRNR .. (I hope it is clear since it is fundamental)

The maximum exposure of the system is 128 pieces, so I advise a proportionate cash because a defeat there can be but should not discourage you because the odds are much higher.

The fund should be managed and counsel did not want to overdo it with the winnings, I have given the limit of 100 euros a day even if you realize that can make a lot more but we must not be taken too by winning the hand with no system.

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This is the only winning roulette system online

It seems very trivial but is not the usual game of red and black, that always loses in the long run.

Share with us the best roulette systems, the ones that make you win and above all do not forget to give us some ideas and suggestions that may be useful to everyone.