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I must admit, I too am one of those who make sports bets on football, but not only .. Last year I had guessed there were many results difficult and finding a bit of courage to make some multiple bets (sometimes improbable, but the result definitely uncertain). Personally I play on Bwin, Betfair, Lottomatica and other betting sites … we say that exploiting some of the initial bonus and a bit of cunning and expertise in some sports you can play without risking too much and sometimes we get some good content.

Let’s say that I tend not to make bets as large amount, but some results are good breeding could vincerecon 5 euro more than 290 .. I was sure with a good dose of luck and some system .. Winning or pseudo-winning systems, there are many, I do not and frankly I never thought I rely only on my knowledge information very carefully before making a bet. There was enhanced with the bets! so do not ever delude yourself, you can have fun, try some emotion and seeing a good game with the thrill of the result finaleche can make you win a little money. I must say that I stopped gambling online but I also play roulette and poker, I will devote an article focused on such roulette because I had a good experience and want to share with everyone is to keep people from losing so much money, both for help you win a little something and especially not to throw them away. Roulette is an infernal machine, there are many people who have invented software for winning at roulette, very difficult and very expensive systems where the risk becomes higher than what we can win. The software used by online gaming sites are “very intelligent”, hardly lose .. but in some situations allow good win .. For example, I settle down with a result of some suggestions made here and the internet I managed to win about $ 2,000 for 3 days and when I saw that the game software was beginning to understand my game, I quit before losing my money … eye on you not to rub .. there are good ways to understand whether and how to play roulette and especially when to stop! Gambling please everyone, but we must be very careful not to get carried away .. Just play for fun and in sports where we feel very confident, whether it’s tennis, basketball, volleyball, iltennis, l ‘riding (horses) or football .. the important thing is to contact them before making a bet. A tip that applies to everyone, learn to use bonuses that give you the first deposit, I always won then playing with that.