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Here I make a list of systems that you can possibly ask us .. .. or better if you want our opinion ..

Here is the list of systems tested roulette … .. I would say The best

$ 1 and $ 2 Bets System

1 In 40 Roulette System

2 Columns possit Progression System

System 2 Or More

2 Up 2 Down System

2 Clicker 17 Split System

3 / 2 Roulette System

3 Column System

12 / 6 System

17 Split Method System

18-10 System

3 Sets Of Numbers System

3 Systems By An Old Pro Gambler System

35 to 1 Roulette System

4-Spin Roulette System

4 Steps To My Success System

5 Simple Roulette Systems

63 System

9 Chances To Profit System

9 Spin System for Inside Numbers

9 To 5 System

A New System For Roulette

Action Numbers Roulette System

Advantage System

African Roulette System

All But 3 System

Alternative Way System

Ambush Roulette System

American Martingale System

Anti Martingale System

Astounding Angle Roulette System

B-V Roulette System

Barbi Roulette System

Barbi System New

Barbi System Revised

Beat The Casino System

Best Basic System

Best Roulette Strategy

Bet Before Repeat System

Bobby Waves Roulette System

Joe Busted System

Cannon Roulette System

Caro Roulette System

Casino Buster System

Casinos Are goldmines

Catfish System

Cautious Martingale System

CB Street System

CBS Full System

Challenge System 21

Circumstance System

Condor System

Consistent Profit System

Controlled Progressive System

Cover Nine Numbers System

Cyber High Roller System

Dazzling Dozens Izaks System

Decryptor System

Detector System

Different Dominance System

Dominance Part 1 System

Dominant Dozen Play System

Dominants System

Don Young Masterstep $ 10,000 System

Doozy Dozen System

Double Edged System

Double En System

Double Street Play System

Dozens and Columns Repeating System

Dozens Betting System

Dream System

Écarts Roulette System

Edge Roulette System

Einstein Roulette System

En Plein System

Epochal System 5-8

Eruption System

Winner Euro 101 V System

Even Chance Bets System

Even Chance Betting System

Even Odds Magic System $ 1300

Evolution System

Expert System

Fast Double Bet System

Favorites System

Filter System

Finals System

First 16 System

Five Dazzling Dozens IZAKS System

Five Simple System

Flat Bet Count System

Flat Bet Loss Recovery System

Flex System

12 Floating System

Fluke System

Follow The Leader System

Quads French Roulette Betting System

Frugal Roulette – Red For Fun – System

Full Time System

Full Trio Play System

Gambler’s Luck System

Garcia System

Garden System

Genesis System

Go For 3 System

Golden Pyramid System

Golden Rule System

Gold Finger System

Gold Mine Roulette System

Great Ponce System

Great Six-Ten System

Great Square System

Greatest System In The World

Guetting Progressive System

Halfpeak Roulette And Craps System

Handy Brandy System

The Zeros Harvesting System

Hi-Low System

Hitman System

Hollandish System

Holy Grail System

Hot List System

Hot Numbers System

Number Splits And Hot Line System

How To Make 10 Units In Even Money Bets IZAKS System

How To Pick System Numbers

How To Play And Win At Roulette System

How To Win Roulette On The Internet

Hunter System

Increase Your Winnings System

Infernals System

Inside Betting System

Inside Way System

Intrinsic System

Jim Fox System

Joe’s System

K-Roulette System

Kenny Rogers System

Krueguel System

Licensed System

Lightning Strike System

Limited Martingale System

Little Edge System

London Man’s Staking Plan System

Lucky Seven System

Straight Up Lucky Number System

Madora System

Magic 5 IZAKS System

Magic Wheel System

Magnet System

Martin Mor’s System

Maser Evolution System

Maximum Advantage Roulette System Plus

Maximum Advantage Roulette System

May’s System

MC System

Midas System

Mirror System

Modified 6 Original Way And 6 Way System

Modified Martingale System

Moninja 2’s System

Must Have Little Roulette System

My System Part 1

My System Part 2

New Sector Roulette System

New System For Roulette

New Machine Roulette System

One Crazy System

One Dozen System

Online Roulette System IZAKS

Operation Hope System

Opposite Number Betting System

Oscar’s Grind System possit

Outside Bets System

Para Plus Paramount Improved System

Paramount System

Patient Man’s System

Pattern 12 System

Pattern Detection System

Peak Performance System

Peak Profit System

Peed Off System

Penthouse System

Phillips Little System

Phoenix System

Ping’s 15 Step Line Bet System

Ping’s Break Even Bet The 3’s Trend System

Pioneer System

Pivot System

Pivot 2 System

Pivot 3 System

Play Roulette And Win System

Pleinfinder System

Pleinfinder 3 System

Power Play System

Power Play System 2002

Pro’s Guide To The Wheel Clocking System

Pro’s Roulette System

Progression System For Dozens

In Progression Roulette System

Progressive Stop Start System

Project 202 System

Punteros System

Rapid Accumulator System

Real System

Real Spin System

Relaxed Roulette System

Relaxed System

Reno Reach System

Rent Roulette System

Repeating Dozens System

Rex Roulette Method

Roulette Evens Odd Magic System

Roulette 2000 System

Roulette Betting System

Roulette Buster System

Roulette System Chip Values

Eight Ball Roulette System

Machine Roulette System

Roulette Master System

Roulette Method System

Roulette Old Fashion Way System

Roulette Pro System

Roulette Strategy System

Roulette Super Duty Safety System

Roulette System 6

Roulette System By IZAK

Roulette System For Me

Roulette System

Roulette Warfare System

Royal Roulette System

Rules Of Double It System

Runs and Trends System

Scary System

Secret System

Sector Play System

Sequence Master System 1 And 2

Shepherd System

Shotwel System

Shower System

Simple Roulette Strategy IZAKS

Simple System

Single Streets Bet System

Sinjuns System

Sixains System

Sixty Dollar System In 3 Spins

Slaughter’s System

Small Wins System

Smart System

Sparkling Dozens System By IZAKS

Star System

Step Ladder System

Straight Up Numbers Profit By The Hour

Straight Ups System

Streaks System

Street and Line Finder System

Strike Force System

Summary of the CPR Method

Superior System

Swedish System

Swing System

System 12

System 2 System Common Sense

Plus System 6

Bob System

Interval System

System One Seventeen To Split Method

Roulette System

System To Think About

Target Roulette System

The Golden Pyramid 2nd Version

Thirds System

Thomas Elrod System

Treatise System

Trend Tracker System

Trilogy System

Trio Play System

Triple Bonus System

Two Dozen Bet System

Ultimate Internet System

Unlucky Numbers System

Unorthodox Even Chances System

Version 1 System

Version 2 System

Very Near The Infallible Roulette System

WABO Roulette System

Wayne’s Roulette System

Wheel disection System

William’s System

Win $ 100 Per Hour System

Spin To Win $ 5 System

Win At Roulette System

Win On Double Dozen System

Get Ready To Win System Plan

Win With Flat Betting System

Winning Money Management System

Winning at Roulette System 2

Winning at Roulette System

Winning Parlays System

Win Street System

World’s Best and Safest System

Wrangler Strategy for Even Money Chances System


But You Win You Lose System

Zero Tolerence System

Other Gambling Systems

35-to-5 Roulette System

System 6 +

Beat Roulette System

Smart Roulette

Rapid Fire Roulette

Don Young’s $ 10000 “Infallible” Master System

Mini Target Roulette

Full-Time Roulette

Relaxed Roulette

Tom Utley System

Roulette Secrets Revealed

Cycle Roulette

System 99

RouletteBucks System (ebook)