How to on the

Before actually attempting this method, I suggest you practice with the gaming software

available on the web. Look here for links to online gaming companies each has free

software). And remember, it’s called GAMBLING for a reason. There is no foolproof

system for winning at any form of gambling. I take no responsibility for any losses you

encounter. This method is incredibly simple and can be used in many different ways. I

will give you the basics. You need to have at least 128 times the amount you wish to

bet. You must bet on a 1:1 odds section (red or black,

even or odd, 1-18 or 19-36). You bet the same amount each time, unless you lose. You

alternate your bet (red one time, black the next, then red again, then black, and etc.)

The best way to understand is by example: Let’s say you have $128. You bet $1 on

black, and win.

Great! Now, bet another dollar on red. You lose. So, bet $1 on black. You lose. Bet $2 on

red. You lose. Bet $4 on black. You lose. Bet $8 on red. You lose. Bet $16 on black. You

lose. Bet $32 on black. You lose. Bet $64 on red. You lose. Only then will you lose your

money. Look at these

figures: AMT bet What you still have Odds of this happening

$1 127 1 IN 2

$1 126 1 IN 4

$2 124 1 IN 8

$4 120 1 IN 16

$8 112 1 IN 32

$16 96 1 IN 64

$32 64 1 IN 128

$64 0 1 IN 256

After you win your money back or win a dollar, start over at betting a dollar. Rarely see

this system lose more than 5 times in a row. The chances of you losing all of your

money are 1 in

256. Those odds improve for you if you have even more than 128 times the amount you

want to bet. The key to this system is caution. It might take you awhile to make money,

but since this is intended for internet gaming, you’ve got all the time in the world! In the

worst case scenario you might make $1 every few minutes (in my experiences). If you

think you might lose all your money, just quit. I wouldn’t follow the system to my last

dollar. You will quickly regain what you lose.

This system is more of a job than a pastime. Set a goal for yourself. Would you like to

make an extra $10a day? Then do it. Don’t sit down thinking you’re going to make a

thousand dollars a session (Yes, it could happen). That’s how you lose money.

However, the more money you have to back up your bet, the more you can bet. If you

have $640, you can bet $5 a time. Two winning bets would give you $10. In an hour, I

could easily clear $300 profit using this system. But, why am I trying to make money on

the Internet? It’s just a great backup plan!

Another thing: Whenever you double the money you start your account with, withdraw

half that amount. If you do lose money, it will make you feel better knowing you did not

actually lose any of your own!