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The islands do not benefit all of the same service. , which is the largest archipelago, is better served. Vulcan also for its location and proximity to , uses numerous connections.

Salina, easily accessible, is a crossroads with its two ports (Santa Marina for and Stromboli and Rinella for Filicudi and Alicudi). Also frequent connections to and Stromboli, two tourist islands for very different reasons. Filicudi and Alicudi are the hardest to reach. Regular lines operate on the whole well, apart from a few hours a bit ‘weird. Study good times (ferries and hydrofoils) from the different companies to plan your move and not to miss the last return. We sell tickets on the spot for the return. From mid June to late September the links between the islands are numerous, but less frequent in the rest of the year. A tip: mid-July to late August, it is best to book the return ticket as soon as sbarca.Attenzione weather conditions: if the wind rises hydrofoils can not browse, but if the sea swells are not from the ferry . It happened that some passengers imbarcatisi to Lipari to Stromboli to Naples and have found that direct tourists to Naples are stuck in Stromboli.

There are no direct links to or from Stromboli to Panarea Filicudi and Alicudi. In both directions we need to change in Salina or Lipari. To discover the archipelago there are several solutions, always taking into account the time, budget and time available.

– Going around the islands. It may be interesting to discover the different aspects of each island. However, becomes mandatory move with smooth lines, which requires sufficient time off season, when the connections are reduced. During the tourist season the legislation that requires a stay from 3 to 7 days does not favor this choice … and it’s a shame!

– Accommodation in island + day trips. We stopped on an island and make day trips into the other. Lipari offers more accommodation options and connections, both through regular lines and with organized excursions. The islands of Vulcano and Salina prove a good foundation for various moves, but more difficult in the other four islands.

Sailing (summer only) to the discovery of bays, beaches, deserted islands, active volcanoes … We move at the mercy of the wind without the worry of schedules, in a sort of floating hotel where he eats and sleeps, with a crew that takes care of everything. All in all, this formula can also be cheaper than a ground-based systems that provide additional costs for excursions, is also ideal for these islands so close together, even for novice sailors.

Daily excursions organized. Better to travel by small (but beware, with the sea in poor returns are sometimes impossible), rather than with those able to load more than 200 people. Quite expensive but it permits to travel on several islands in the same day. Are tourist circuits, which include stops at souvenir shops and crowded beaches, punctuated by the whistle that calls to start collecting.

of inflatable boats or motor boats (in summer only). Allows you to organize your day to your liking and to discover the coasts, bays, beaches inaccessible by other means. It is very convenient to Lipari and Vulcano and Salina also (with a boat license for engines above 25 HP), while it is inadvisable for the outer islands. Why is convenient, the cost of the must be divided between the maximum number of participants.